We are Seatriq

If your business process is slowed down by backend processes, data management issues, and other B2B service requirements; you have come to the right place!

From lead generation and marketing campaigns, to data management and industry research, along with web design and branding, we provide modern solutions to every last business requirement.

Seatriq was created with the motto of meeting every single client need, and thus, all of our solutions are scalable and customizable. We have served clients of various statures and business models, thereby gaining acute experience. With individual teams for our services such as CRM, design and branding, data research, lead generation, etc.; you gain access to multiple professionals under the same roof.

Support Services to a diverse range of clients.

Our teams of professionals are tirelessly working to bring you the best of B2B IT services, with the least amount of hassle involved. With primary concentration on scalability, business growth, and adoption of the latest tech, Seatriq offers you a competitive edge that will serve your business for life.


In the era of modern technology people are not just human being, they are "Profiles", they are ".com", they are "Numbers", they are "Data" and we are SeaTrIQ business solutions provider. We at SeaTrIQ believe that even a single data of appropriate accuracy can make a great difference for the business. We help you to manage your data while you manage your business. We take care of all your database requirement such as "Data Digging", "Data Mining", "Email Append", "CRM Management", "List Building", and "Web Research". Our Excellence operational expertise and high standard service quality makes us stand apart, helping us to deliver highly relevant and accurate data for our clients.

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